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Scathing Opinion

Fabreze Fecal Mist

Posted October 17th, 2007 at 6:20 pm in Scathing Opinion

The makers of Fabreze air freshener (the one people spray in abundance on everything and everywhere instead of actually cleaning anything) have a new line of naturally inspired fragrances. Spray the new Fabreze Fecal Mist in your living room and be instantly transported to your local barn yard, slaughter house or public washroom for an unparelled aromatic experience.

Light up the new Urinal Cake Fabreze candle, close your eyes… and experience the enchanting smell of several drunk, overweight men lined up and pissing with a fury at the urinals of your neighborhood pub during Superbowl halftime. Sources tell me the soon to be released Hint of Asparagus edition will be an overnight smash hit. 


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