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We want you to be giddy with excitement as you race to your computer trampling over family members, pets, or prostitutes from the night before so you can read the latest posts on Jokes Palace. If you’re not happy with Jokes Palace we want to know why; or we’re going to kill ourselves – and this time we’ll slit our wrists length wise. Email us with props or complaints and we may just post your feedback if it’s deranged enough. Without further adue, I present to you our feedback mailbag, the pinnacle of verbal diarrhea.

Thumbs Up Major Props Department

We have our loyal readers… read what these connoisseurs of quality humor have to say about the almighty Jokes Palace and it’s master collection of filth. We’re tripping all over ourselves with bashfulness at the great props emails we get. Like minded people into dirty jokes and humor really do click with this site when they finally find the fucking thing. We really try our retarded hardest to put together a half decent site and its payday when we get great feedback from champions like these guys.

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Thumbs Down Complaints Department

People love to complain about things, particularly when they know nothing about the subject or when something exposes just how closed minded, lazy and ignorant they really are. Jokes Palace is no stranger to negative feedback, we get wads of letters from irate parents who are incapable of monitoring their children’s web surfing habits until after they’ve been mentally scared for life (“Mommy, why don’t you let the dog hug you from behind like the lady on the Internet does?”); religious types that haven’t rubbed one out in way too long (“I object to all the cussing and other atrocities that take place on your morally reprehensible Internet site”); socialist pukes that want the world to conform to their ideals (“I strongly object to your cavalier use of the term “Gaylord” and protest your continued use of said term.”); and so on, you get the picture. Most of these emails are totally hilarious – filled with empty threats, total arrogance and often a real inability to communicate in English. So we hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

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Grant (Jan 25):

You have the originality of a busker with a pan flute.


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