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Dr Thatslife

Who the fuck is Dr Thatslife?

Dr Thatslife gives you the toughest answers to your toughest questions. Often less than flattering, usually offensive, but always valuable for those questions your closest friends and family would never be willing to give you the straight goods on. Too many people get wishy-washy advice because others don’t wish to hurt feelings, or whatever sob story. Dr Thatslife looks forward to hurting your feelings, because that usually means he’s actually speaking directly to the real cause of an issue. Nobody likes the truth, but it’s often what they need to hear to get a problem resolved. Whether he’s playing with himself while dishing out relationship advice, or wearing his clip-on tie while giving work place advice, he’s ready for the challenge. Dr Thatslife has spent years helping the helpless, and now it’s your turn!

No really, who the fuck is this guy?

He’s a thirty’s something guy that lives somewhere in North America. No background in psychology, DEFINITELY isn’t a doctor, and is relatively normal on the best of days — think of him as just the buddy you can spill your guts out to and he’ll try his best to help a friend out.

How do I get a FREE consultation with Dr Thatslife?

Actually, it’s easy to get relationship and work place advice from Dr Thatslife. Submit your question, name and where you’re from to the address below and if he thinks you aren’t a total train wreck he will reply. What are the question guidelines? Keep it on track and focused, detailed enough so that he can get a decent picture of what’s going on, but not epic novel length. Most of all, if you just come across as a little shit disturber or someone that will probably whinge and complain about the answer you get, you won’t get an answer. Once you’ve submitted your question, check back often, Dr Thatslife usually dishes out new advice every few days.

Submit your questions to Dr Thatslife at:

Just remember we reserve the right to selectively choose which questions get answered; we may modify questions for clarity or length; you permit us to publish your question along with your first name and where you’re from; we DO NOT publish last names or any other personal details, even if they are sent.


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