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Content Advisory

Honestly, if you’re looking for Knock Knock jokes that don’t involve a hooker and three midgets, then you’ve definitely come to the wrong web site. We’re strictly on the dark side of the force at Jokes Palace, and anyone who may be overly sensitive will definitely end up having a bad experience here.

The content on Jokes Palace makes extensive use of explicit language, adult subject matter, and plenty more goodies that not everyone will find amusing. We’re not on a mission to offend people, only to please an Internet population that appreciates such humor and there are in fact a lot of us.


This is where your parental skills kick in and you monitor what your kids are doing for a change. We realize your daily routine of sitting on the couch eating Wagon Wheels and watching the soaps leave you little precious time with your many children, but there’s some unsavory stuff on the web and they need your guidance. So instead of sending us irate emails about a few tasteless jokes your son or daughter stumbled upon (which certainly wouldn’t be the worst of what they’ve seen on the web), do your job and be a parent.

Acutely Sensitive Individuals

Really, if you’re just here to disgust yourself at the decline of humanity then I have a suggestion for you. Climb onto your bicycle, dawn that purple crash helmet, ring the shiny little bell, put your fucking little ipod shuffle into your ears and press ”play and go fuck yourself”.

Children Under 18

Honestly, you should probably go surf somewhere else buddy. This site is for bitter old people that probably need extensive psychological and addiction counseling and you still have a few years before that applies to you. The more of this site you read, the deeper into hell you’ll go, until you end up huddled in the corner of your bedroom sharing Jagermeister shots with Kermit the Frog. It isn’t a pretty sight, so off you go, and don’t come back.


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Grant (Jan 25):

You have the originality of a busker with a pan flute.


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